Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to exercise and make your training program specific to your goals. Whether it be weight loss, increasing strength, improving general fitness and well being or training for a event.

Physical activity is very important for both our bodies and minds. Exercise gives us a feeling of togetherness and improves our general well being. When we exercise our hearts beat harder and faster increasing the rate at which blood pumps around the body. Muscles and lungs also work harder increasing our metabolic rate both during physical activity and for sometime afterwards. Our bodies therefore produce energy much more rapidly than at rest.

If we are producing more energy than we are taking in from food we will naturally be using fat stored in our bodies which will assist in losing weight.

Taking part in physical activity (anything from brisk walking, cycling, swimming, surfing, gardening, resistance training, to name a few) and combining this with a well balanced, low fat eating plan will enable us to limit the fat we deposit while using the fat already stored in our bodies.

We tailor training plans to suit all ages, health and fitness levels, from those that have never stepped into a gym, to experienced athletes. Your plan can include nutritional guidance and bespoke training & rehabilitation programs to suit your lifestyle.

Personal Training

  • 1 hour £40.00
  • Home sessions by arrangment
  • Achieve your fitness goals
  • Make exercise enjoyable
  • Tailored training plans

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